Ditchling Film Society has celebrated over 40 years of bringing cinema to Ditchling.

Films are digitally projected on to a large, 8m screen with Dolby/DTS 7.1 sound in our comfortable auditorium.

Mission Statement

  • To show the very best of world cinema to our community on a regular basis.
  • To uphold the tradition of cinema where films are watched on a largescreen, where it is a shared experience, where the unexpected can be perceived and discussed.
  • To bring in speakers from the film making world.
  • To continue and improve on our innovative and diverse programmes.

History of Ditchling Film Society

Ditchling Film Society was started in the village by two friends with an interest in Italian neo-realism films. Over 40 years it has evolved with monthly screenings of the best of independent and world cinema.

During this time there have been visiting film makers, actors, scriptwriters and internet links to others involved in the cinema world. Documentaries have included those by the local late Luke Holland who was instrumental in bringing in survivors from the Kindertransport to tie in with a discussion after a film.

A four-day film festival involved many local people in the film industry and included a film making competition for young people. Sometimes we have speakers attending to talk about their involvement with the films.

We intend to continue to show the best of cinema and to enrich the experience with special guests.


The commitee is made up of:

ChairJane Skelton
ProjectionistMartin Kenward
TreasurerMalcolm Roberts
CommitteeRowena Cager
Malcolm Kenward
Kate O’Donnell
Shea Rawlings
Inge Roberts
Melanie Samuel
Phil Smith
Mark Whitaker
Susan Whiting